As many of you know, we had our 2nd annual St. Patty’s day party this past Saturday and we’d like to think that it was a big success! At least all the dogs that joined us thought so :)

Blitz (top left) , won 1st place while showing off his lovely tutu and leg warmers! He wants everyone to know that just because he is a boy that doesn’t mean he can’t have a good fashion sense!

Lucy (top right), who by the way, is an IRISH Terrier, won 2nd place while sporting her adorable hat skirt and her “kiss me I’m Irish” head band!

Jasmin (bottom center), won 3rd place while introducing us to the world of fluffy green tutu’s and fuzzy headbands… but she also didn’t forget to accessorize with a necklace as well!


All of the dogs that came dressed up in costumes looked so great! Everyone loved seeing all of the holiday spirit and we wanted to thank you all again for joining us and making The Woof Room so much fun for both people and dogs :)


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